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Pro Acidic Soil Conditioner (Pro-ASC)

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Pro Acidic Soil Conditioner (Pro-ASC) Liquied Fertilizer

Pro-Acidic Soil Conditioner
  •  High-efficiency organic liquid fertilizer.
  • The savior of acid soil.

The 8 benefits of Pro-ASC:
  1. Efficient, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and waste-free.
  2. Solve soil acidification, hardening, barrenness, rapid loosening and restoring healthy soils.
  3. Ganoderma, Moss, Parasites and Fungi killers.
  4. To solve and prevent plant root decay and promote root growth.
  5. Improve plant immune systems and reduce pests and diseases.
  6. Improve Photosynthesis., promote flowering results and increase fruit production.
  7. Improves the quality and sweetness of the fruit and the oil content of the oil palm.
  8. Effectively replace Lime.

Pro-ASC is Acidic Soil Conditioner-
High-efficiency organic liquid fertilizer and the savior of acid soil

 It is suitable for acid soil or cohesive soil (except saline soil) and various crops. It can effectively and quickly adjust acidic soil, decompose locked fertilizer, promote plant growth, strengthen the ability to resist diseases, insects and natural disasters, and improve plants of drought resistance.
1) Promote rooting – Pro-ASC mix water 1:100 can be used as an effective nutrient for top dressing and nutrient soil for any plant, promote root growth, and reduce pests and diseases.

2) Prevent falling leaves - Spraying Pro-ASC as a supplementary nutrient can increase the vitality of leaves, prevent early leaf fall, enhance photosynthesis, and promote more flowers and fruits.

3) Improve quality – Pro-ASC organic liquid fertilizer contains a large number of nutrients such as Nitrogen, Potassium, Sulfur, Calcium, etc., and also contains a variety of trace elements such as iron and magnesium, and has fast-acting, high-quality foliar fertilizer. Spraying Pro-ASC on the leaves before and after flowering can make the branches and leaves green, enhance photosynthesis, reduce the shedding of flowers and fruits, promote colourful flowers and fruits, extend the viewing period, and improve fruit quality and yield.

4) Inhibit pests and diseases – Pro-ASC liquid organic fertilizer can kill underground pests and germs by adding water 1:10. Protect seeds, roots and stems, reduce pests and diseases, and prevent blast and anthracnose. It can control aphids, red spiders and other pests on flowers and fruits.

5) Improve the drought resistance of fruit trees - For dry land fruit trees with poor irrigation conditions, spray 2-3 times with 1:50 (Water), can improve the drought resistance of fruit trees. Because Pro-ASC liquid organic fertilizer can be effective reduce the strength of transpiration of fruit tree leaves, and enhance the drought resistance and high temperature resistance of the tree, can promote the operation of carbohydrates.

6) Replacement of lime - It can completely replace the function of lime, does not damage the soil, and is rich in nutrients.

7) Economical and effective - Fully meet the economic requirements of the owners.

Note: Pro-ASC liquid organic fertilizer is alkaline base and cannot be mixed with acid fertilizers and pesticides.

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