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PPP Agrotech Trading
Pasar Tani Kekal (Fama) Permas Jaya, Lot 65 & 66, Jalan Permas 9/1, 81750 Permas Jaya, Masai, Johor, Malaysia.

PPP Organic Fertilizer

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PPP Organic Fertilizer Fertilizer

Restore the soil frist before planting
Raw materials is from oil palm waste, by high-tech processing and add with EM and trace elements.
Rich nutritional elements required by the plants, microorganisms, trace elements, humid acid and organic matter.

The benefits of PPP Compost Organic  Fertilizer
1. Improve quality and quantity of  crop yields.
2. To improve  the physical structure and biological of the soil.
3. To reduce compactness, hardness and erosion of the soil.
4. To increase the ability of holding water in soil.
5. Microbes duplicate extensively, increase the viability and growth kinetics of soil    microbes.
6. To coordinate the PH value and Cation Exchangeable Capacity (CEC).
7. Healthier plants resist diseases and pests naturally.
8. No toxic, no polluting, no fault smell and organic.
9. Economic and practical 
10. 25 KG Packing





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